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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A word about what's happening this week

I want to address what is happening this week in the college admission world before we get to the fun stuff (the "caption this" photos will start in the morning).

Many schools are set to post decisions or mail out letters this week. There's going to be a lot of joy, but there are going to be some hurt feelings as well. While I want you to be happy and celebrate your successes, I hope you'll be gracious and considerate around classmates who might not get good news. If you don't get the good news, I hope you'll be happy about the options you and your classmates DO have.

We deliberately post our decisions at 5 PM, when most of our applicant pool is out of school. Obviously, there's no perfect time...between the different time zones, after school meetings, and practices, it's inevitable that some students will view their admission decisions at school or around friends.

I personally think it's best to check your decision at home, around your family. I'm sure you'll find some way to share the news with your friends soon after decisions are posted

CavDog with a few members of his family