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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A moment of zen from CavBear

Before CavDog was born, there was CavBear. CavBear became part of the admission team after a family left their camera in one of my information sessions on a rainy day. I felt badly that 1) they left their camera and 2) all of their pictures were taken when the weather was dreary. So, I bought CavBear at the bookstore and took pictures of CavBear doing different things around Grounds and Charlottesville. CavBear made appearances on the blog for a while after that. Back in 2007, getting over 1,000 hits on the blog in a day was a big deal. These days, the blog gets many times that many hits in the days leading up to notification.

Originally posted March 27, 2007

The 1200 hits this blog got yesterday and the tension apparent among applicants in the comments and on a particular message board some applicants frequent are making CavBear a little concerned. He thought a nice cup of tea might help you relax.

Just a few more days. Step away from the message boards for a day or two.