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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Have you logged into SIS?

I just took a look at my side of the SIS and was shocked to see that a little over 4,000 of you have never logged into your SIS accounts! Here's everything you'll miss if you don't get into your SIS account:
  • viewing your application status
  • viewing your financial aid application status
  • viewing an abbreviated version of your decision letter (formal letters are mailed)
  • viewing your official financial aid award (financial aid awards are not mailed)
  • accepting or declining a spot in the Class of 2014
  • accepting or declining a spot on the waitlist for the Class of 2014 (we offer you a spot, you have to reply to actually get placed in the unranked pool)
  • paying your deposit (which makes you officially a member of the class)
  • registering for orientation
  • searching for classes
  • registering for classes...and the list goes on!
We're about the email everyone who hasn't logged in to make sure they know what they need to do. Here's the message:


We are excited that you have applied to the University of Virginia. However, we recently noticed that you have not yet logged into your U.Va. Student Center account. This is where your “to-do” list is located and where we will first notify you of our decision.

You will need your computing ID to log in. This information came to you in an email from our office when your application was submitted. If you did not receive this email, contact the Help Desk at 434-924-HELP or for assistance. Before you call, check your spam or junk folders to be sure the message was not filtered from your inbox.

Once you have your ID, the link to log into the U.Va. Student Center is: .

We understand that plans change. If you no longer wish to be considered for admission to the University of Virginia, please respond directly to this email with “WITHDRAW” in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest in U.Va. We hope you have a wonderful rest of the year!


Office of Undergraduate Admission
University of Virginia

I want to see those numbers drop below 4,000 by the end of the week and I want them to keep dropping. Log into those SIS accounts!