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Monday, March 15, 2010


Last week, I made this statement in a comment:
Most of the activity done from this point until May 1st (the National Candidate Reply Date) is focused on yield. We aren't alone in this sort of activity. We may be the only ones talking about what we are doing.
Which got this reply:
I have to tell you how much I agree with your statement "We may be the only ones talking about what we are doing." Sometimes I feel like the whole college admissions process is a game that you try to play and no one wants to tell you the rules! I find the UVA approach to be the most fair and it seems to me, the most ethical. Thank you for your transparent approach.
It was a very kind comment, which made me feel good about what I'm doing here. However, it has me wondering...

Have any of your other schools talked about this stuff on their blogs? Back when I started this blog in 2005, I followed all of the admission blogs I could find. There weren't all that many, so it was easy. I can't keep up with them all anymore, so I'm wondering what the other admission bloggers are saying. Do they talk about the same topics? Have you seen something on another blog that you wish I did on mine?