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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Pardon the lack of a post yesterday. I've been offline at home for the last two days while some work is going on. Most of my posts are written at night or in the early morning, then set to post during the day. I'll be back to the normal routine in a day or two.

Though following contractors around is a favorite past time of his, CavDog has been in the office so he's out of the way at home. Unfortunately for him, most of the students are away for Spring Break, so he isn't getting all of the attention he's used to getting.

I'm bored. Where are the students?

As you may have read in an email Dean Roberts sent out to the entire applicant pool, all of us here in the Office of Admission are busy working on the next phase of our review process. Almost all of the first year files have been read twice by this point. Now, we are going back to reread to make sure we hit our targets for the number of students admitted to each of the four schools. We also have to make sure we hit the Virginia:Out of State ratio that is set by the state legislature. I'll talk more about that tomorrow.