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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The #UVA Spring Showcase Outreach Events Start SATURDAY!


(Taken before the pandemic.)

The Outreach team within the Office of Admission has been busy planning the Spring Showcase, highlighting the experiences of Black and Latinx students at UVA. We wish we could host students in person, but we have two days packed full of virtual options will help admitted students connect with UVA faculty and students from afar. There are a few Outreach events next week as well.

See detailed descriptions of these programs on the Spring Showcase website and register there today!

Saturday, April 10th

2:00 PM -Spring Showcase Welcome
2:30 PM - A Day in the Life Tour
3:30 PM - Black Student Experience Panel
3:30 PM - Latinx Student Experience Panel
3:30 PM - Multicultural Student Experience Panel
4:05 PM - Black Student Experience Panel
4:05 PM - Latinx Student Experience Panel
4:05 PM - Multicultural Student Experience Panel


Sunday, April 11th

2:30 PM - Breakout Session: Grounds for Succeeding
2:30 PM - Breakout Session: Culture, Community, and Advocacy at UVA
3:30 PM - College of Arts & Sciences Student Drop-Ins
3:30 PM - Professional Schools Student Drop-Ins
4:30 PM - Spring Showcase Closing

Some Outreach events next week that might be of interest:

Tuesday, April 13

6:00 PM - University Achievement Award Welcome Event

Wednesday, April 14

6:00 PM - HoosFirst Welcome and Panel (first generation college students)

Thursday, April 15

6:00 PM - Transition Program Information Session

Monday, April 19

5:00 PM - Native and Indigenous Student Welcome Event

All events will be recorded and available to view a few days later on the Spring Showcase website.