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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waiting list update #3

Today, we are going to release the waiting list for the School of Engineering.  If you've been following the blog, this isn't much of a surprise, as I wrote that I didn't think we'd be many any offers to engineers back at the beginning of the month.

At this point, we've made some offers to students who applied to the other schools.  We give students a 4-5 days to think about their offers, which is why this process moves slowly.  I often explain this process has having rounds.  Right now, we're waiting for the ball to bounce back to us.

The call volume right now is high and most students/parents seem to have seen this blog already, but want to know what they should do to improve their chances.  The waiting list FAQs that we gave you back at the end of March still apply.  When updated grades are available, send those along.   That's all you should really do now.  Calling or showing up in person is not going to move this process along more quickly. 

I imagine we'll continue to release different portions of the list as the different parts of the class fill up.  We're close to the targets.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Waiting list update #2

We made a few offers to students who were on the waiting list last week and those students have until tomorrow or so to make their decision.  I made a couple calls myself just now and the students with whom I spoke have until Friday to make their minds up.

Making this calls is a lot of fun for all of us.  Making a waiting list admission call is the closest thing we have to every admission officer's dream: seeing a student get their decision (I'm surprised people haven't started video taping the moment when they check their status!).

What I said about the different schools in the last update holds true.  I don't think we'll be making any offers to the School of Engineering, but we'll be making some to students on the waiting lists for the other schools. I still believe the number of waiting list offers will be lower than in years past.

A sad CavDog before a charity fashion show

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Waiting list update

It looks like we are very close to our targets for the Class of 2015.  We will be making a small number of waiting list offers.  I don't have an exact number for you right now, but my sense is that the total number of offers will be lower than in previous years and the offers will most likely be to students on the waiting lists for the College of Arts & Sciences, Architecture, and perhaps Nursing.  I do not anticipate there being any offers made to engineers.

We generally make offers by phone and that's followed by a status update in SIS.  The responses we get are varied, but if you need a little time to think about the offer, that's okay.  Usually, we get a big response on the phone, which is fun for us.

As I wrote before, the numbers are still settling (there were a few cases of people who didn't have any internet access for various reasons).  As always, when I have more information (hard numbers), I will share them here.

If you have decided that you are no longer interested in UVa, you can remove yourself from the waiting list by going back to your decision letter and hitting the "decline" button. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

After the deposit is paid

Some of you who deposited have called us to ask what happens next.  Well, I'm sad to say that it's time to pass you off to our friends in the student affairs world.  The Office for Orientation and New Student Programs has a fantastic website for you to use as resource during this time.  It lists out things you need to think about doing now and things that you'll want to get done over the summer, before you arrive on Grounds (Can you believe it!?!  That's going to happen in a few months!).

Get over to the Summer Orientation website and start working on those items.  


BTW, make sure to check your email so you know what you need to get done this summer.  It's important, capisce? 

Monday, May 02, 2011

We have a class...sort of

The day after the deposit deadline is a clean up day.  Everyone who was offered admission, but never hit the "accept" or "decline" buttons in their SIS account gets moved to the decline status (with a note that there was no response to our offer).  Those who hit the "accept" button, but never followed through on paying their enrollment deposit have until midnight tonight to submit that payment.  After that, they get moved to the decline batch as well.

Once this clean up happens, we'll know where we are numbers wise and I'll have some news about how we'll proceed with the waiting list.  I now it's been a long wait.  We're almost there.

I don't have a caption for this one...feel free to make up your own!