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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Waitlist update #3

We're still working through the waitlist.

From the comments on the last post, I think I need to direct you back to the original posts I wrote about the waitlist. This takes time because we are reading files. We don't make offers based solely on statistics (GPA, testing, rank, etc). This is a holistic process and it takes time.

I think some of you may have assumed that there are official "rounds" in this process. I used the term to describe why making waitlist offers takes time. We make some offers, we give students some time to think about them, some accept, and some decline. Then we make more offers to fill in the spots where offers were declined.

The timeline was spelled out in my original waitlist post and in the waitlist FAQ. We aim to have this wrapped up by the end of June. Some colleges out there will take longer and some schools are probably done already.

W e know the wait is tough.
We promise that we're working as quickly as we can.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waitlist update #2

By this point, we've made what you could call a first round of waitlist offers and given students a few days to think about accepting those offers. Some have accepted our offer and some have not. We're moving on to making another round of offers. The cycle repeats.

My feeling (and this is totally unscientific) is that the waitlist will wrap up earlier than it did last year. I don't have any numbers for you at this time.

At this point, there is no action required on your part (unless you realize that you don't want to be on the waitlist anymore and you can remove yourself via the SIS). When we are done, I will post a note on this blog and letters will be sent to all students are have remained on the waitlist.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Waitlist update #1

The information I have to share today is great for some and not-so-great for others.

At this point, waitlist offers are going to select applicants to the College of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. We are not making offers to students who are on the waitlist for Architecture or Nursing at this time. As waitlist offers are made at other schools, it is possible that we'll see more room in the class, so I can't say that we won't make any offers for those two schools.

I realize this isn't the news some of you wanted to hear, but thought it best to let you know.

As I've explained before, this process takes some time. We are working in teams to reread files. To speed notification up, we will call a student we want to offer a spot to and if we can't reach a student by phone, we'll email. Obviously, it's nice to hear a big "YES!" on the other end of the line, but offers are officially made through SIS and responses must be made through SIS. A call will be made to let the student know to check SIS.

Keep in mind that we may have a certain number of spots open today, make some offers, and then have a few students get off waitlists elsewhere and withdraw tomorrow, which means we go back and find a few more students to admit.

We are working as quickly as possible. Please don't call our office at this time about the waitlist. We will be in touch if we are able to offer you a spot. When the class is full, I will post a note here. You will also get a final letter and see SIS change to reflect that we have released the waitlist.

I have to add, though, that coming across files I enjoyed reading months ago and being able to recommend an offer for some waitlist students has given me a little happiness during what has been a very sad week.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The waitlist process has begun

We have started to work with the waitlist. I don't have any numbers at this time.

Please do not call our office about the waitlist process. We are very busy with calls from transfer students (their decisions were posted over the weekend) and additional traffic on the phones and in the office will slow this process down quite a bit.

I know you want data. I will share it as soon as I can.