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Monday, November 19, 2018

Preliminary Early Action Numbers from #UVA Admission

24,950 students submitted Early Action applications to UVA this year.We have a lot of reading to do. Keep in mind that we only count completed applications in our official numbers. Some students won't complete their applications (despite many reminders!).

Reading 15% more applications is a big task for our staff and I'm going to ask one big favor of our applicants: use the applicant portal to submit updates and do not email them to deans in our office. Remember that our instructions tell you what credentials we want you to submit. If we don't ask for it, you don't have to spend time on it.

We don't cull the applicant pool using GPAs or testing, so all of those files are going to be reviewed by our team. Here's a recent blog post about why GPA isn't super informative in our review.

It will take several weeks to process all the documents that are arriving in our office right now. Please do not worry about your status page at this time. Once we are caught up on filing, we'll start contacting students by email about missing items. I know some of you have read this on the top of your portal page, but it's important to get this information to as many students as possible!

As for notification, we have always said that EA decisions will be ready by the end of January. It's probably safe to say we're going to need more time than in past years, when we've been able to post decisions early.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Good-bye SIS, Hello #UVA Portal!

This admission season brings a few changes to our process. First of all, we are accepting the Coalition App. I've only seen one so far in my reading, but it bears mentioning. Second, you can now self-report your testing and new scores after you apply (see below). Third, we have moved to using a computer system called Slate that includes a student portal feature. That means you don't have to log into UVA's SIS to monitor your admission status (financial aid is using SIS). SIS is a student records system and it took a lot of work to customize it for admission work. Slate is a bit easier for everyone, admission officers and students, to use.

You'll monitor your application for admission via the student portal. You were sent an email with instructions for logging into the portal after we downloaded your application from Common App or Coalition.

Here's what the portal looks like when you log in to see your status page:

The application checklist will obviously get your attention right away. You can see what required documents have arrived and been added to your file. Not the "and been added to your file." It takes time for credentials to be filed with your application. If something hasn't been filed, it doesn't mean it wasn't sent or received in our office. It means the item hasn't made it into your file yet.

By the way, we don't have the staffing to log anything but the required documents.

On the bottom half of the page, there are three important features.

1. Uploading Updates

If you wish to submit an update for your file, you must use this upload feature.  The only required update is your mid-year grades. Anything else is totally optional. Do not send updates to individual admission officers. We have a note about this on the with our email addresses and people are still sending us their updates. We're reading applications. We don't have time to file this stuff. Upload it.

Do not upload resumes, research abstracts, or writing portfolios, please! We don't have the staff to read these things and don't need you to spend time on them. Your application is plenty of information!

2. Verifying Residency Status

Under application details, you can see the the decision plan you chose (early action or regular decision), the school to which you applied, and your residency status.

3. Updating Testing

If you receive a test score after submitting an application, you can share it with us here. Remember that we addressed self-reported testing in the application instructions and I wrote about it here on the blog before. You only need an official score report sent if you are admitted and decide to attend UVA.