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Thursday, February 13, 2020

The #UVA Scholars Programs (Don't Call Them Honors Colleges!)

We are working on getting a first round of invitations to our scholars programs out by the end of the month. Those invitations will initially come by email and a hard copy of the invitation letter will follow. Another round of students will be invited to join those programs at the end of our reading season. I thought I'd cover three of the biggest questions/concerns about the scholars programs here and link to each so those interested can explore the opportunities they provide.

1. UVa does not have separate honors colleges.

A lot of state universities have honors colleges. These colleges often have separate curricula, faculty, and resources. We don't have have this at UVA. We have four scholars programs: Echols, Rodman, College Science Scholars, and the Miller Arts Scholars

2. The application to UVA is the application to Echols, Rodman, and College Science Scholars.

We keep the first three scholars programs in mind when reviewing every application. There is no special application or way to designate interest in those programs. All applicants are automatically considered for them. The best way to show that you're scholars material is to have a stellar academic record and show intellectual curiosity and a willingness to go above and beyond presented subject matter in school.

3. You can join all four programs after you arrive, too.

All four scholars programs accept students once they complete some work at UVA. There is information about how they add students on their websites. Keep in mind that no first year will be an arts scholar. Miller Arts Scholars requires certain UVA coursework for applicants

I'm happy to answer your questions about these programs in the comments.