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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mid-year Reports Due Tomorrow for #UVA23!

I writing a quick post today to remind students who were admitted or deferred under Early Action and all Regular Decision applicants that mid-year reports are due tomorrow. Please upload a midyear report card through your portal. We are a paperless office, so please do not mail or email this.

Many students are sending updates to individual admission officers (or several admission officers at once). Please use your portal to submit all updates. In addition, some are submitting a "letter of continued interest." You do not need to declare your interest in UVA. Your application is proof that you are interested. We address this in multiple places on our website and I've written about it several times on this blog.

Keep it simple! Send us the stuff we request and don't spend time or energy on the things we don't. You have enough on your plate right now and there's no need to add more to this process.

As always, I'm happy to answer your questions in the comments!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Facebook Deleted the #UVA23 Class Facebook Group, So Here's a New One

Facebook decided a bunch of college class groups needed to be deleted, so they got rid of the UVA Class of 2023 along with some others over the weekend. The current students who volunteered to answer questions in the group told me that the incoming students were simply introducing themselves, so they couldn't figure out how they could possibly have run afoul of Facebook's community standards.

Anyway, the students just created a new UVA Class of 2023 group and shared the link with me. Here's hoping this one doesn't have any issues.

As a reminder, this group is for students only. I'm not even in there. A few current UVA students volunteered to answer questions when needed. When the incoming class elects their Class Council, the admin roles will be handed over to the officers.