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Friday, April 09, 2021

Meet Morgan, a Pre-Med, Anthropology Major from Baltimore!

I'm very excited to share the first 2021 entry in a series of guest blog posts by UVA students. Since you won't be able to meet current students at our Days on the Lawn open houses or on go on group tours this year, we thought we'd use social media to provide opportunities for you to connect.    
 Morgan offered to kick things off! She kindly offered her email address if anyone would like to ask her questions.


Wahoowa and welcome to UVA! My name is Morgan Suchin and I am a second year from Baltimore, Maryland. I absolutely LOVE UVA and am so excited to share my experience with you. I am pre-med and majoring in anthropology with a concentration in medical anthropology, ethics, and care. I am an Echols Scholar and involved in PhiDE (a pre-health, co-ed fraternity), Hillel/Brody Jewish Center, Virginia Ambassadors, Virginia Anthropology Society, and started my own project working with other CIOs using a mental health support website my brother and I made called


I will be honest. I never even considered UVA until my mother forced me to tour it. I thought UVA would be too large for me, did not know anyone from my high school who went there, and did not know much about it. Well, a big thank you to my mom! I can confidently say that the second I walked onto Grounds, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful architecture and greenery, the vibrant and spirited student body, the traditions, and the warm feeling of community from both the students, professors, and staff. I am a true believer in that everything happens for a reason. There was some reason my mother forced me to tour one random day in July before my senior year. Another instance of this mantra happened at my Days on the Lawn which is our newly admitted students’ day.

I checked in with my parents and was walking from the Office of Admissions to the Rotunda for the welcome address from our Dean and to hear our amazing marching band. Before we got to the Rotunda, I asked my mother (there’s a theme here), how will I know where I am supposed to end up? She replied, there will be a sign. In that very second, Dean J and CavPup walked by and I stopped to take a picture. I am obsessed with CavPup and Dean J’s blog/Instagram that provided information and was a valuable resource that motivated me to go to UVA. I internally screamed with excitement. I think from the smile on both of our faces, we were pretty excited in this moment. This was another instance of everything happening for a reason.


My third moment of this mantra was during my first day of class. I walked into the lecture hall, which was also where I had my information session during my tour at UVA and sat down amongst 200 students. This class was medical anthropology with Professor China Scherz. I admire how amazing my support and advising system at UVA has been. During my summer orientation and per advice from my Echols mentor, two people recommended that I take medical anthropology. I knew nothing about it but figured I love the humanities and am pre-med, so this sounded like an interesting combination. My eyes grew with wonder during the first lecture. Professor Scherz made a 200-person class seem like 15 through her passionate lecture, engaging with students through conversations, and being so eager to share her love of medical anthropology and her research. The second I walked out of class, I pulled out my phone and googled if UVA had a major in medical anthropology. Sure enough, it was made just the previous year before I got to UVA! That same day, I met Professor Scherz during her office hours to discuss the major and my future trajectory. If it were not for the input from fellow UVA students and staff, I maybe would not have found my major. Medical anthropology has changed my life, and everything happened for a reason! (I am sorry I am so cheesy) Professor Scherz became my advisor and mentor who has provided so much guidance and support throughout my first two years at UVA. Everyone who I have met at UVA, whether it is an upperclassman who offers advice, your professor or academic dean, or just a person in the library you recognize from class, has been unbelievably supportive and welcoming. One of the reasons I chose UVA was because I saw a community like myself during my tour. UVA felt like the students were leaders both inside and outside of the classroom, but were also involved in the community with clubs, research, volunteering, or just being there for a fellow classmate. It is hard to express how generous and kind the people at UVA are in making Grounds feel like a home. 

To me, UVA is my second home. Despite being a large university, it has never felt like it for several reasons. My Jewish peers at the Brody Jewish Center have gone above and beyond to make all students have a home away from home during the holidays. I had a sense of community when the student body joined arms for the first time at a football game and sang the Good Old Song. My Echols scholar family introduced me to some of my best friends who made my first year so special. It is seeing someone in the grocery store wearing a UVA orange and navy shirt and we say Wahoowa to each other that sparks a smile on my face that confirms that UVA is a special place. You got into UVA because it was meant to be your home for the next 4 years because everything happens for a reason! I look forward to seeing you on Grounds! Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions. I love sharing my experience and how much it means to be a Wahoo!