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Monday, October 05, 2015

UVA Evening Programs in Virginia

While we will always do lots of high school visits around the state, we realize that it's hard for students to leave class to attend our visits sometimes and parents can feel left out of the loop. We are holding six evening programs around Virginia to give more people a chance to meet us, learn about UVa, and become more familiar with the admission process.

Charlottesville - Tuesday, October 6th (TOMORROW NIGHT!)

This program will be led by Dean of Admission Greg Roberts. There will be a panel of faculty and students, too!

Williamsburg - Tuesday, October 6th

Richmond - Wednesday, October 21st

Fredericksburg - Sunday, October 25th

Newport News - Monday, October 26th

Yorktown -  Tuesday, October 27th

Harrisonburg - Date TBD (keep an eye on the UVa Visits You page for an update)

Students, parents, and counselors are welcome! We ask that you RSVP for these programs, so please click through to register. There is still room for more guests at each event.

If you aren't in Virginia, check our "UVa Visits You" page to see if we'll be in your area this fall!