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Friday, January 24, 2014

Overlap Season Begins

The overlap season is when we are working with several different groups of students, all with different needs. I didn't remember that it was overlap time until yesterday, when I was the "on call" dean. Most of the phone calls I took were from transfer students. Their application deadline is March 1st. The walk-ins were mostly students who were admitted during Early Action. A snow storm gave lots of students a couple days off, so some apparently decided to take a ride to Charlottesville, which wasn't impacted too heavily. A few juniors were in the office, just starting the tour circuit. Remember those days, seniors?

After a day of meeting with visitors, I decided to catch up on my reading in the wee hours.

That was a bad idea because this was me as I was thinking about the super awesome blog post I should write for you all today:

 So...let's just make this an open thread. If you want to ask questions, go for it. If you just want to share something, that's fine, too.