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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Echols, Rodman, and College Science Scholar Notifications

This evening, we'll be sending an email to all of the admitted Early Action students who are invited to join our three scholars programs that have first year students. Echols and College Science Scholars are in the College of Arts and Sciences. Rodman Scholars are in the School of Engineering. There are a few of you who are going to be invited into Echols and CSS, which means you will get two emails. If you applied to the College or School of Engineering, you were considered for these programs.

These are not honors colleges. A lot of state universities have honors programs which are often colleges within the universities that have separate curricula, faculty, and resources. We don't have any honors programs at UVa. The entire curriculum is challenging. We have scholars programs for students who are intensely interested in exploring the curriculum in a way that having area requirements (our term for core curriculum) wouldn't necessarily allow.

You can't appeal the fact that you weren't selected, but you can try again next year. Each program has a process for joining after you get to UVa. There will be around round of offers after the Regular Decision notification.

The emails should all land by 8 PM tonight. If you haven't already done so, put and in your address book so our emails to go to your junk folder.

Scholar or not, CavDog wants to play with you on the Lawn.

If you've been admitted to UVa, we hope you are very proud of yourself. If you also get invited into a scholars program, consider it a cherry on top of the sundae! Congratulations to all!