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Friday, January 25, 2013

Missing Credential Emails Going Out Today

We are up to date with processing mail, so we'll be sending emails to anyone with missing credentials this afternoon.  If you haven't been monitoring your application status via your SIS account, you might not know if you are missing items from your file.  If you happen to get an email, please log in to see what might be missing. 

In some cases, we might be missing an item that was sent to us, but was lost in transit. Please don't fly into the your school's counseling office in a panic if something is missing. Calmly follow up with the appropriate party and ask for the item to be submitted.

Remember that we want your application to be complete and "ready to read."  If you get one of these emails, we aren't mad and you aren't in trouble.  We understand that mid-year grades are only just becoming available at many schools. Those are due February 15th.

Please do not send duplicate document unless you get one of these emails. Sending duplicates slows down the processing of documents we really need to complete other students' files.

 Some duplicates are cuter than others.