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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What Should You Do Now?

As you can probably tell from my lack of updates, we are immersed in the regular decision application review. Many of you responded to our call for missing credentials, but there are a couple hundred applicants still missing something from their files. We're going to email those folks again in the next week to give them one last chance to get those missing items in.

Early Action Offers
At this point, you two things to consider.

1. You need to make sure your counselor sends your mid-year report (remember, offers are extended with the expectation that you'll maintain your academic profile through the end of senior year). Those are due February 15th.

2. You should consider whether a visit will help you make a final decision about coming to UVa. We've emailed all of you about the visit options and plenty of you have signed up for our admitted student visit days. That's great!  If the days we offer don't fit with your schedule, you can plan your own visit using a few tools on our website. More on planning a visit in the future. 

Early Action Defers
There was a link to the FAQs for deferred students in your decision letter, but I'm still getting many, many questions about sending extra items. At this point, we have rolled your application into the regular decision pool.  The only difference between an early action application and a regular decision application is senior grades.  We need your mid-year report to review your early action application during this regular decision round. Please make sure your counselors get the mid-year grades to us by February 15th.  Many have already arrived.

Demonstrated interest is NOT considered in the regular decision review. Your time should be spent on things at school. You don't need to be spending time and money on sending us extra "stuff" right now.  If there's an important update to share, email it along (to the general account, please) or have your counselor mention it on the mid-year report.

All Applicants
When you send us documents, send them to the general Office of Admission address that is on the bottom of our website. Because of our reading load, the deans and counselors often read from home for a few days each week. When you send a general item with one of our names on it, it goes into our mailbox where it will sit until the next time we are in the office.

As a paperless school, we prefer electronic submission of items (Common App has a secure system for teachers and counselors).  

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