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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let's Talk about the Weather

You'd think weather would be a lame topic for a blog, but weather posts on Notes from Peabody always get people talking.  Perhaps I find talk about the weather, and specifically snow, entertaining because I have northern roots and it's funny to see people fret about flurries when I trudged to school in several inches of snow (uphill both ways, mind you).

My snow posts actually started in 2007, so this is quite a tradition.  A 2008 post about snow was CavDog's debut on the blog. In fact, the response to that post (large at the time with nine comments) convinced me to make CavDog a regular part of the blog.  

Here was CavDog's reaction to a snow "storm" in Charlottesville This was the first snowfall he ever saw:

Clearly was not impressed by the snow.

We don't get a lot of snow.  It snows now and then, but the snow often melts pretty quickly.  Sometimes, the melted snow will freeze overnight and we'll get a second day of messy roads.

We get slammed with a major snowfall once in a blue moon.  There was a "snowpocolypse" a few years ago (check out how one of the funniest weather guys reacted to that) and another major storm that dumped three feet on the area about 10 years prior. 

If you are from the north, you'll find winters in Charlottesville delightful.  If you're from the south, you'll want to buy a couple pairs of gloves/mittens and a hat or two so you are ready for the weather. 

Oh, and if you love to ski and snowboard, we have a mountain resort called Wintergreen about 45 minutes away.  The ski and snowboarding team use the facilities up there.

Just for fun, here's a video from the last time we got some serious snow: