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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Regular Decision Admission Statistics #UVA25

Here are some unofficial numbers about this year's process. These numbers are up to date as of today, March 25, 2021. If you are a reporter, please contact the Office of University Communications for current, official information.

The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics is the source of all official statistics about UVA. They take a census to determine the final statistics for the class. You can see official admission data in the data digest part of their website.

Total Applications

Total applications: 48,011 (40,891 last year)
Total number of VA apps: 13,983
Total number of OOS apps: 34,028

Total Offers of Admission 

Overall offers: 9,875 (28% of offers did not submit standardized tests) 
Total VA offers:  3,937 (28% offer rate) 
Total OOS offers:  5,938 (17% offer rate) 
It's misleading to average these offer rates together because residency is a major factor in our review. If you are going to share these numbers, cite BOTH offer rates.

Total Regular Decision Applications

Total RD applications: 16,060 (13,635 last year)
Total number of VA RD apps: 4,482
Total number of OOS RD apps: 11,577

Total Regular Decision Offers of Admission 

Overall RD offers: 2,628 (2,409 last year)
Total VA RD offers:  890 (20% offer rate) 
Total OOS RD offers:  1,738 (15% offer rate)
We do not try to figure out an individual student's likelihood of enrolling (demonstrated interest), but overall yield influences the offer rate. Out-of-state residents tend to have a lower yield rate than Virginia residents. You can see yield rates on the statistics website.

Defers and Waiting List 

Deferred students offered admission: 4% (8% last year) 
Waiting list offers: 18% (17% last year)
The waiting list forms as students opt into it via the portal
 and we have seen up to HALF decline putting themselves on the list. The waiting list can be thought of as having ten different segments (in-state and OOS for each of the five academic areas that take first-year students).

A few notes:

1. I can not fulfill requests for more statistics. You can see official admission data, including admission data by residency and school of entry from last year, on the website. The current year's data often goes up in the fall semester.

2. Admitted students will get a hard copy of their letter in their offer packet. I can't predict when USPS will put that in your mailbox.

3. The Echols, Rodman, and College Science Scholars program invitations will be visible to Regular Decision applicants in their portals. Echols and Rodman also allow self-nomination after your first semester. Miller Arts Scholars apply after the first semester.