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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Note about Common App Difficulties

Our Spring transfer application deadline has come and gone. While some of our staff is still on the road for evening programs and high school visits, some of us are already entrenched in the transfer review process. The new version of the Common App is getting positive reviews by those reading files, but we know the system is giving many of you trouble.

The Spring transfer population is pretty small compared to the one that is applying for our next deadline. The Early Action group will be quite a bit larger. Rest assured that we're monitoring what's going on via Common App's known issues page, Facebook, and Twitter. If the problems they are having aren't resolved by the next deadline, you'll see an announcement here and in your email inbox (if you have an application started) about next steps. Submitted applications and credentials are coming to us just fine at this point.

We are still two weeks from deadline. There is time to get things submitted. We have always been understanding when things outside applicants' control have affected their ability to apply. In just the last couple years, Hurricane Sandy and a freak snowstorm on Halloween prompted us to extend our deadline for students in certain regions.