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Friday, November 02, 2012

The Timing of SAT Score Reports

At almost every high school I visited this fall, students wanted to know what would happen to their application if they took standardized tests after the application deadline.  Many early action applicants plan to take the SAT IIs (the subject tests) in November.

October is the last recommended test date for the SAT/SAT II.  As you can see from this chart the College Board folks have on their website, the test scores from the October test have already arrived (if you designated UVa as a school that should get scores in advance). 

If you didn't set things up in advance so we'd get your scores, we obviously wouldn't get them as quickly.  If you waited to see your scores before sending them, this never screen shot from the College Board site might be a little unnerving.

So let me cover the big questions that are inevitably in your head right now.

If taking the SAT IIs in November, is it okay to apply early action?
Definitely.  If your application is ready to submit, I don't think the SAT IIs should change yours plans. 
Will November scores arrive "in time" for early action?
I can't guarantee that we won't have looked at your file between deadline and November 20th, when scores from the November 3rd SAT/SATII are going to arrive. However, the EA review goes into January, so I think you should still send your scores. 

If you are deferred, those scores will definitely be in your file when we review your file during the regular season.

Will UVa take rushed scores?
We used to say we didn't take rushed scores because the rush reports came by mail while regularly reported scores cam electronically.  By the time the rushed scores got here and were scanned into the system, there wasn't that much time saved.  These days, it seems rushed scores are sent electronically.  They're definitely faster now. 

The trade-off is that there a fee associated with sending rushed scores. 

Regular decision applicants, I hope those screen shots from the College Board site have you thinking about sending scores well in advance!

What else is on your mind when it comes to sending SAT scores?