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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's talk about arts supplements

If you're thinking of majoring, minoring, or being significantly involved in the arts at UVa, you may want to submit an arts supplement along with your application.  Supplements are reviewed by faculty members in visual arts, dance, drama, and music (including the marching band).  The reviews will become part of the application.

Submitting an arts supplement is not required for those interested in the arts.  You are not trying out for anything at this point.

On the arts supplement page of our website, you will see cover sheets to use for each type of supplement.  Please be sure to follow the directions on the cover sheets!  Arts supplements are due by December 1st for those applying to start their first year in Fall 2011.

Feel free to use the comment section below to ask questions.

The "photo shoot" for this entry produced so many hilarious pictures that I had to share them.  
CavDog clearly thought the paint brush was a new toy.