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Friday, March 27, 2009

What next?

I trust that most of you have had a chance to share your feelings on the three decision entries by now. I will go through them tonight and over the weekend to answer as many questions as possible. If past behavior has repeated, some of you have answered questions for the others already. Thank you for that.

Official Decision Letters

Your official decision letters are coming in the mail. Obviously, what you saw online was just an excerpt. If you were offered a spot on the waitlist, you will also receive a "Waitlist FAQ" sheet with your letter. An entry just about the waitlist is coming.

Admitted Student Visits
Days on The Lawn are the admitted student events. Please read the entry to which I linked. These days are intended for students who have not yet made up their minds. Your formal invitation and a schedule are coming by snail mail with your official admission letter. If the DOTL dates don't work for you, you can plan your own visit, which might include staying overnight with a member of The Monroe Society or attending some open classes.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid awards for those who had their documents in before the "priority deadline" (it was March 1st) will begin to show up on your accounts on Wednesday, April 1st at 7 AM. I'm not sure if all packages will show up at once, like your admission decisions did, or if they will come up over a period of time. It takes time to ensure that all admitted students who have applied for financial aid have been properly awarded, so please be patient.

If you submitted your documents after the priority filing date, Financial Aid will process a financial aid package for you. The amount of your award will not change if you applied later, but the you may have to wait a little longer for your package to show up on your Student Self-Service page. As mentioned before, it takes time for aid officers to process these awards, and given the volume of documentation being submitted at this time of year, it can take a while for them to process and package you properly.