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Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to see your decision on the big day

There have been so many questions about how decisions will be seen lately! Let's go over how this works.

First of all, we won't be emailing you anything. You need to log into Student Self-Service within the Student Information System (SIS) to view your decision.

Decisions are posted at 5 PM on notification day (again, I'll post the date as soon as I know it). When you log in that evening, you'll see a link for "Admission". Click the link and you'll come to a page with "View Decision" at the bottom (you might have to scroll down a little if your monitor is small). Click that link and you'll be shown a short statement revealing your decision.

Sound good? In the past, I'd sit at my computer and type some code to make decisions pop up. Now, the system is programed to show those links at 5 PM. There is no point in "hammering" the site. In fact, that will probably slow it down. Watch a reliable clock and log in after it hits 5 PM.

If you never logged into the SIS, search your email folders for a message from That email contains instructions for generating a password for your SIS account. Follow the steps very carefully...the password generation process is a little tricky.

If you are completely certain that your email was lost, email your full name and date of birth to DO NOT email your SSN, high school, address, favorite color, debit card PIN or any other information. Just send your full name and date of birth. It'd be really nice if you made that info the subject line of your email, come to think of it. Send this email NOW. I guarantee that if you wait to send this email until the day before or the day of notification, you will be one of hundreds doing so and the lone staff member who handles that email account will be overwhelmed and unable to reply to everyone.

Practice logging in today
to make sure you're ready for the big day!