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Friday, March 13, 2009

Offer Rates

Offer rates fluctuate from year to year. Because it seems as though many don't go looking for the stats available on the Office of Institutional Assessment's website (and every one of your schools should have a site where you can see this data), I thought I'd post a few screen shots for you to look over.

Basic math tells you that with 22,000 applications this year, the offer rate will go down. I don't have a statistic for you yet, as we are still working on finalizing decisions. As always, as soon as I have numbers for you, I will post them. The state mandate that 2/3 of our students be from Virginia has not changed.

General admission stats, going back to 1980

Admission stats by residency, going back to 2000

You can get older data on the website. I just posted what I could fit in a screen shot.