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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The essay wall

Some of you have read old posts that mention my essay wall. In the past, when an essay has struck me as particularly good, I've photocopied it and posted it on my door. Now that we've gone paperless, this is a little more cumbersome...I have to take a screen shot, put it into Word or Paint, and print the resulting document. The essay wall isn't quite as big this year as in years past, but as promised, here's a picture:

The topics vary dramatically, from the silly to the serious. The common thread is that they are personal and unique. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourselves with us through your essays. They really make each application come alive more than forms and statistics do.

The office is very busy right now. I do not have any time to crunch statistics and have already written that I will get to that when I have time. Please don't ask for statistics right now.