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Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's "Let's not talk about college admission" day (or weekend)!

I've decided that we all need a break. The constant worrying about a process that isn't going to be complete for another month is unhealthy. I looked to my blogging colleagues at other schools to see if I could lift an off-topic of discussion for today's post. Dan at Hopkins wrote about The Oscars, but to be frank, I'm not a big fan of award shows. Libby at Chicago wrote about their last blanket of snow, but unfortunately for this northerner, the snow we got on Valentine's Day is long gone and it's around 60 degrees today. I thought about asking "What's your passion?", but while that question was fresh five years ago, it's a little predictable these days.

When I want to relax and think about something other than the task at hand, I turn to music. I imagine there are many of you out there who do the same. So, tell me what's on your playlist. What concerts are you looking forward to seeing this summer? What band's videos do you find yourself watching on Youtube? Is there a genre you don't "get"? Don't just stick to my questions. Let's see where this conversation goes.

I'm going to answer my own questions, but I'll let a few of you start.