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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Letter frenzy

I've managed to carve a path to my laptop through all the application files and thought I'd check in. We're still reading applications, as many waited until the very last minute to send us mid-year grades. Just a general note about deadlines: don't ever feel like you can't submit something well in advance of the deadline. It really makes things easier if credentials and correspondence comes in a steady stream instead of a deluge. When decision letters go out, if you know you're coming to UVA, send that reply card in.

Now, on to the title topic. Around this time, we start mailing and calling some of our applicants. Let's not dance around this one: if you get a letter that says we're impressed by your application, that is a "Likely Letter" and you can be reasonably sure that you'll have a congratulatory letter in your mailbox in late March/early April. We send these letters out in waves, so if you don't have one, don't assume that you will not be admitted. We haven't made final decisions at this time. More letters will be sent in a few weeks.

Also at this time, UVa students have started calling applicants to talk to them about the Echols Scholars Program. We haven't completed our selection process for Echols or Rodman Scholars at this time, so don't assume that the absence of a call is a sign.

Hang in there, everyone! We're reading as fast as we can!