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Thursday, February 22, 2007

ED defer review underway

We're still reviewing some regular decision applicants that were late to complete their files, but we've started to revisit the early decision defers. Unfortunately, 434 of the deferred students did not submit mid-year grades (the deadline to submit them was February 15th). Though we'll chase as many of you as we can, there will be a point when we make decisions with what we have. Please don't go running to your guidance office about this. The mid-year grade report was to be submitted by the applicant. While we happily take updated transcripts from the schools, there's no reason to ask your guidance office to mail something out this late.

If you receive an email or call from a dean asking for your mid-year grades, please respond immediately. Filling out the online form won't do at this point, since it will need processing and filing, which takes some time and we don't want to be delayed any longer. Believe me when I say that we want to get these decisions done and out to you!

One of my colleagues suggested that I remind you that the admit rate for ED defers is very low because we often get no new information at mid-year. If we don't have an update, we don't really have any reason to change the previous decision.