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Monday, April 29, 2013


Remember that feeling you had in early March when you were waiting for us to finish reading applications? That's how admission officers feel right now.

You see, the shoe is on the other foot now. We're anxiously waiting to see who will accept our offer of admission. We've sent you a few emails to make sure you know what's happening with us and we're hoping that you'll reach out to us if you need more information to make your final decision.

To get my mind off the waiting, I went to a family reunion of sorts. You see, CavDog was one of twelve puppies in a litter when he was born. His parents and many of his siblings live in the counties that surround Charlottesville. There was a small reunion once before, but we found more puppies and owners since then and decided to have another one.

If you want to guess which dog is CavDog, head over to the blog's Facebook page and submit a guess under the family portrait. I'll reveal the answer on May 1st.