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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you coming to Days on the Lawn #5 on Friday?

The fifth DOTL is tomorrow and we've been nervously watching the news in hopes of a sunny day. Right now, it looks like we might see thunderstorms coming into the area in the afternoon. For now, registration and the morning welcome talk will be on the Lawn in front of the Rotunda. If the rain comes early, we will move to Old Cabell Hall, which is on the opposite end of the Lawn from the Rotunda. It's not far. CavDog can run down the Lawn and back in under a minute.

We have emailed everyone twice with information about parking, but it seems like some students aren't sharing the email with their parents. So let me go over it here.

If you visited UVa in the past, you probably parked in the Central Grounds Parking garage and we validated your ticket for three hours to cover the time you'd be at the information session and on the tour. That garage isn't big enough to accommodate everyone coming for Days on the Lawn. So, we rent out the entire Emmet Garage, which is at the intersection of Emmet Street (which is Route 29 when you get out of the UVa area) and Ivy Road. The garage is behind the Cavalier Inn, which is diagonally across the street from the UVa tennis courts.

In our email, we said it could take you about 20 minutes to talk from the free garage to the Rotunda. That's might be a tad generous. I think 10 minutes is okay...but leave a little extra time in case there's rain.

Any questions about DOTL?

By the way, if it rains, CavDog stays home. Old Cabell Hall isn't pet friendly. :)