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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Youtube break

I thought I'd post a few UVa related videos for your enjoyment. First up is a video that was created by Global Student Council for international students. This group includes US citizens who have lived abroad (Virginia has many government/military families, so this might be more common here than elsewhere) and non-citizens. I was particularly charmed by the comment about singing at football games and the description of trick-or-treating on The Lawn, which must seem a bit odd to students from cultures that don't celebrate Halloween.

Here's a neat little video that was taken on one of the busiest sidewalks on Grounds.

I got a little lost in all the great videos on Youtube that show the UVa Jazz Ensemble in action. If you watch this, be careful that you don't lose half an hour to look at the related videos.

I may have posted this video in the past...I just love how it was filmed.

Here's an extremely cute slide show put together by a student in the Mainland Student Network featuring CavDog (!), a massive ice cream cone, the cutest mini-CavMan, Dean Parke Muth, and President Casteen.

No collection of videos would be complete without some a cappella. Here's a clip of the Hullabahoos with some of their alumni.

This just popped up on Youtube today...a reference to UVa on The Simpsons.

This video is a bit more random, but it has had people laughing. A few weeks ago, UVa loaned the parking lot outside the basketball arena to local car dealers who put on an event that they called "Car Wars". The promotional video for the event is definitely the most random video filmed on Grounds that I have ever seen.