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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I thought I'd share a few videos that show big and small efforts to incorporate sustainability into life at UVa.

First up is a video about the 4th EcoMod. EcoMod is a collaborative project between the School of Engineer and the School of Architecture. The mod is built at a hanger near Lake Monticello and then transported to a site where an eager family will live in it. A resident of an earlier EcoMod once said that the energy monitoring is extremely precise in these homes, so living in one provides a bit of an education about consumption.

EcoMod 4 is a few blocks from my own home and it's a pretty cool looking house!

Here's a video that was just posted yesterday about student efforts around Grounds to recycle and make decisions with the environment in mind. With the Foxfield horse races coming up this weekend, I thought it was interesting that some students are opting to bike to the event. I imagine they cruise right past cars that have to wait in line at the gate.

By the way, there's a cameo by Noble, the official dog of the University. He lives on the Lawn. :)

Here's one more video, a little older than the others, about storm water management here. Many people assume the pond near the Curry School of Education is decorative, but it's part of the management plan.