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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Days on the Lawn redux

Days on the Lawn is more popular than ever! Every DOTL date filled up by the beginning of this week. While we really want to keep the crowds manageable, we've just added a few more slots for the 12th, 16th, and 19th.

Remember, these events are for students who are trying to make a final decision about coming to UVa. There have been times in the past when students have shown up after already depositing. They're on a victory lap of sorts. While we are happy to see you and I'm especially excited to meet anyone who read or commented on the blog, make sure the undecided students get a chance to have their questions answered. If you are already committed to UVa, it might be a nice gesture to let the undecided students pick up an extra class to attend (at registration, we have "tickets" for any classes that still have spots open in them).

Be sure to check the DOTL website for parking information. You have two options. The free option involves a 10 minute walk (or a bus ride). The other option is closer, but there is a fee involved.

When you arrive (please don't arrive too early...our students are up at the crack of dawn to get things set up for an on time start), you'll check in and get a folder full of information. Some of it will be repetitive if you have read the DOTL website. After the morning mingle time, some students will head to class. Others will go with their parents to sessions about each of the colleges (you can divide and conquer if you have interests in multiple schools, of course). After that, parents are free to attend a number of sessions about different aspects of UVa. There will be financial aid officers on hand to meet at that point.

Throughout the day, our staff will be around Grounds and in the Office of Admission to answer questions. There will be tours of three kinds of residence halls (traditional, suite style, and residential college).

You can see specific schedules on the DOTL website. If you have any questions about any of the logistics, post them in the comments.

By the way, someone recently asked if they could attend two Days on the Lawn. You can only register for one event. Please remember that while we try to pull out all the stops, we are on a budget and resources are limited. If you want to make multiple trips here, consider requesting an overnight with the Monroe Society.