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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Q&A with Dean J, part 2

Here are answers to a few more questions that came in list week, while I was immersed in your applications.
Janet said...
Would I be penalized if midyear reports do not get there until March (that's the time the counseling center told us they'd reach our schools)?
No, we won't penalize you for something that's happening at your school. This goes for those who had their schools closed for snow days, too. These things happen. They aren't your fault.

Conrad said...
If the tracking system shows I'm missing something but I don't get an email, should I not be concerned?
We sent the email out for those who were missing testing and/or high school transcripts. I imagine the item left your your list is something else, so it still needs to get here.
Anonymous said...
Does my counselor still need to send a fax/email of my missing SAT score if I sent them on college board through regular delivery couple days ago?
Just follow the directions in the email you got. :)
Cameron said...
What should we do if we haven't received an email on how to access our status pages?
I think I've covered this one before. First, verify that you actually applied. Log into your Common App account and make sure you submitted the application, supplement, and payment. All three of those items have to be submitted for our system to consider you an applicant.

If you verify that all three parts of the application were submitted, check your spam/junk folder in the email account you used on the Common App. The email would have come from If you do not have an email from that address, email it with your full name and high school so we can generate a new email. Add that email address to your address book. I'm told that can decrease the chance of the email being marked as spam.
KPage said...
I am faxing my unofficial SAT score reports - should I send just the first page (which contains the scores), or the entire 10-page report?
I don't think any school will want a ten page report on anything! Just send the score page.

CrozetGirl said...
Dean J, Will you be writing a post this year regarding likely letters (when they're being sent out)?
Yep. I also addressed Likely Letters in yesterday's post.
Anonymous said...
Dean J,I submitted a form to my school to send my mid-year grades. However, I forgot to submit the Common App mid-year form. Will I be penalized for this late form?
We're not concerned with getting the form. We just need the mid-year grades. The form is just a duplicate of the Secondary School Report your counselors already sent us.
Diana said...
I do believe SAT Rush Reporting also now delivers from SAT computer to UVa computer.
Eureka! Finally! You don't know how happy that makes us. I know the processing staff is going to do a little dance when they hear this. We might change our policy for next year if College Board verifies this. Thank you so much!
dadofapp said...
Dean J: Is there any information in the Website, or can you tell me, what the SAT/ACT averages are or any other criteria that distinguish between in-state and out-of-state UVA applicants. There is always the line that it is harder to get in from out of state, but I would like to know what the differences really are.
I talked about this a little bit yesterday. We don't have minimums or different bars for the different pools. While we could generate stats for the different groups, I fear that publishing them would lead people to assume that we read with minimum numbers in our minds, which we don't do.

If you want to poke around and look at statistics, the Office of Institutional Assessment is the place for you. There are more statistics on their website they you'll ever want!
E said...
Have any likey letter been sent out this year so far?
Nope. Not yet!

PossibleUVaMom said...
Dean J, We told our daughter she could make visits to her accepted universities to help her with her decision process. I noticed that UVa had a Days On The Lawn (DOTL) last year for accepted students in April. Will that occur this year? Could you please tell me the dates? We are out of state and would need to make airline reservations and accommodations. Is there a special DOTL for out of state students?

Days on The Lawn is an annual series of open houses for admitted students. The DOTL dates for this year will be:
April 9th
April 10th (Echols/Rodman/College Science Scholars only)
April 12th
April 16th
April 19th

Please note that registration is not open until offers are released, as these are for admitted students only. There is no set date for out of state students. For more info, read this post from last year and see the "wrap up" posts I wrote after each DOTL event.

I'd also like to say thanks to KEA for the comment she posted on Sunday. :)