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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little signs of things to come

This is the time of year when little signs start to emerge that we're reaching the final month of our application review process. A few groups are going to start reaching out to applicants to provide information you may need as you start to assess your options.

I always think it's best to manage your expectations at this point. Most students won't hear anything from us until April 1st*, notification day. If you happen to get a nice call or email from a student, a Likely Letter from our office, or some information from a school or department, see it as a nice surprise. Don't sit by the phone or compulsively check email. Sit tight, read some of the blog entries from last year, or chat with other applicants here or on the Facebook page.

Hang in there! We are still poring over your applications, chasing a few of you to complete your applications, and mid-year reports are still trickling in since some schools were closed for as long as a week this month due to snow storms.

*Every year, I promise that any changes in the notification day will be posted here immediately after I hear about them. We want to release decisions as soon as possible. Please don't ask me for updates on the notification day. If I haven't mentioned it, it will be April 1st.