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Friday, February 12, 2010

Missing credentials emails have been sent

Our processing staff sent out missing credentials emails to about 1,000 of you this morning. Please check the email address you used with your Common Application to see if we have asked you to submit a missing document.

Only send duplicate credentials if you have been asked to send them.

Sending out duplicate credentials takes a lot of time on your high school's part and it can slow the processing of other credentials (credentials for which we've asked!).

These are the only duplicates we like

If you get an email asking for official SAT scores to be sent, do not pay to rush your scores. Have them sent through regular delivery. Here's why: it is our understanding that rushed scores are sent by mail. So, each student who rushes a score prompts ETS to put a half sheet of paper with their scores into an envelope to be mailed off. This creates A LOT of mail. We believe it is faster to have your scores sent the traditional way. The traditional delivery is electronic. Here's an extremely simplistic snapshot at the two processes:

Traditional Delivery:

SAT Computer > UVa Computer

Rushed Delivery:

SAT Computer > Printer > US Postal Service > UVa Central Mail Services >
UVa Mail Delivery > Office of Admission Mail Room > Processing Staff Member > Scanner > UVa Computer

Traditional SAT delivery is faster than rushing scores.