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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some stats to consider

I won't have this year's admission stats ready for another month or so, but I thought I'd post links to past years' stats to give you an idea of what might happen this year. Keep in mind that applications went up dramatically this year (we're up over 22,000 applications), probably due to our move to the Common App, and it's hard to say if the increase in number also means an increase in quality. Each year, we've offered to over 6,000 applicants to get a class of around 3,200 students. I haven't looked into what the projections are for this year, but will share those when I can.

2007 Admission Statistics
2008 Admission Statistics

Those posts are just my blog entries from past years. If you want the official data for past years (going back quite some time), see the Office of Institutional Assessment's Data Catalog. Each school to which you are applying should have a Data Catalog published. Just google that term and the school name if you want to find stats for the other schools on your list.