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Friday, February 13, 2009

If you STILL haven't logged into the Student Information System

Back in December, I tried to convince you that you needed to log into the Student Information System (SIS). Just in case you lost the email with you verification details in it, we are resending that email to those who have not yet logged into the system. The email is going out on Monday or Tuesday.

Student Self-Service is where you'll see your decision (around April 1st*), accept your offer of admission or a spot on the waitlist, pay all of your bills, update your contact info, etc. throughout your career at UVa.

If you have not logged into the system and lost your email (or never got it), please add to your address book now so this email doesn't go into your junk/spam folder.

*As always, if the notification date changes, you will hear about it first on this blog.