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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mid-year grades are due February 15

Mid-year grades have been rolling in and our staff is scanning and linking those on top of still working through what came in during January. On Monday or Tuesday, we will email those who don't have mid-years filed yet just to remind them that those reports need to be sent. Do not panic if your counselor has sent your first semester/trimester grades and you get this email. It just means your grades haven't been linked to your file yet. They might be en route right now.

We hope your counselors can sent your mid-year grades by February 15th. As was the case with Secondary School Reports and transcripts, mid-years can come in either through the Common App's counselor system or by mail. We're happy to file the Common App's mid-year form along with your transcript, but if we just get a transcript, that's fine as well.

If you live in a country where school is over for the year, don't worry about mid-year grades. We are aware that you don't have anything to send us!