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Monday, April 21, 2008

Reading tea leaves

One of my favorite Deans used to describe the speculation that happens in admission offices during the month of April as "reading tea leaves". We've made our offers and eagerly wait for responses to see how the first year class will turn out. Every bit of information is scrutinized (some of it seriously, some of it just to pass the time during an anxious month): the number of phone calls received, the size of tours, the daily mail counts (yes, many offices actually count the pieces of mail each day).

This being an odd year for UVa, we're reading the tea leaves quite a bit these days. Today's bit of data: even though most deposits arrive in the few days before and after May 1st, we've processed 1598 deposits as of this morning. There are probably a few that have arrived in the mail that haven't been processed yet, so I'm confident saying that's a solid 1600. The overall sense is that this isn't high or low.

What does this all mean? Not much until May 1st arrives and all the mail is counted.

Hang in there, waitlisted students. We don't know anything about how the waitlist will be used at this time.