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Monday, April 21, 2008

Days on The Lawn, vol. 5

Our run of great weather for DOTL is over. We'll be in our rain location, the Newcomb Hall Ballroom, for the start of DOTL this morning. It'll be crowded, but at least we'll all be dry!

Update: The crowd was the biggest we've had for a final DOTL. The last session is usually nice and small. We were really surprised!

I met many nice families and CavDog enjoyed all the pets and praise he received. One funny moment came when a family asked why a dog was at DOTL. At that very instant, a crowd of students appeared and said something along the lines of "Oh my gosh, it's CavDog!!! Are you Dean J?". Perfect timing, all!

I thought the speakers, Larry Sabato and Maryann Li (4th year, Commerce student from Virginia Beach) were some of the best speakers we've had this year. Even though we were packed into the ballroom, I really enjoyed the morning session. CavDog was a little scared of the stage, so he was a little afraid during his portion of the program, but he did most of what we expected him to do!

Hope you all enjoyed your visit!