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Friday, April 04, 2008

The people of Peabody

I showed you some of the pets of Peabody and I'd like to tell you a little bit about the people of Peabody. I think that it helps to know the people behind your decisions before you show up for Days on The Lawn (DOTL). When you visit, don't be bashful! Step up and say hello to the admission officers at the morning reception! We know you're probably more interested in talking with students, but hope you'll say hello.

We are five parents (and one grandparent). Two of the parents have children in high school and have probably seen as many info sessions and tours as you have this year. We come from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, and Columbia (as in the country). One of us is a former army brat who can't really pick a home state and another grew up in Turkey, Kenya, England, Austria, and Virginia.

Our favorite places to meet prospective students include New York City, Boston, San Diego, Portland, Atlanta, Nashville, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, London, Bangkok, Sarasota, Concord (NH), Bozeman (MT), Stuart (VA), and Abingdon (VA).

We like to hike, golf, rock climb, play tennis and basketball, ride horses, and walk our many dogs.

We eat a lot of ethnic food and have strong opinions about the best places to eat sushi and Mexican food in Charlottesville. You may interpret our passion for coffee, chocolate, and locally made cheese as addiction.

We listen to classic rock, funk, opera, and classical music that was created well before you were born. We throw in some contemporary stuff (mostly rock and country) to keep current, of course. We have worn clothes that you would only consider wearing on Halloween.

Do we seem like a scary bunch? "The Committee on Admission" is made of people who love working with students. Meeting you at Days on The Lawn is the pay off for all the work we do. We can't wait to see you!
CavDog wasn't born in time for DOTL last year...this is from Halloween