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Monday, February 18, 2008

Q&A with Dean J, Part 5

I thought I'd pull out a few questions from the comments so more people would see them.

Q. I always wonder if I should be calling there to talk with a Dean just to ask questions about my application. Do you open files and note that the student never called for any reason or added anything new and then just put that folder in the "reject" pile?

A. This is definitely the waiting period. We are extremely busy with reading and if you called right now, chances are your file wouldn't be in the "library" for a note to be added anyway.

We have never read into student contacts (we aren't more apt to admit those who call/email).

Q. I took more standardized tests in January. Is it possible that they will be reviewed with my applications during the second round?

A. It's hard to know if your file was reviewed before or after your scores arrived. This is why we ask that testing be completed by December.

Q. How much does not taking an SAT II hurt an applicant's chance of acceptance?

A. SAT IIs can't hurt an application...they aren't a required part of the application.

Q. Will all applicants receive decisions on one day? or will some get earlier?

A. Decisions will be mailed at the same time. The USPS will determine when you get your letters. Decisions will appear on your status pages at a specific time on the day we mail the letters. The exact date and time will be posted as soon as we know the mail date.

Q. In addition to the SAT Subject Tests I completed, I said I would take another SAT subject test in Jan. 2008. I was not able to attend that testing. Do I need to let UVA know that I didn't end up taking it, or will they just assume I didn't take it?

A. No. You only need to notify us of major changes (dropping a class you were scheduled to take, for example).

Q. I am very worried that my transcript is still listed as not received!

A. Do you have multiple application accounts? Sometimes students create more than one application account and we check documents into one and they submit through the other. Only one physical folder exists for each student, but sometimes there are multiple online applications with the student's name on them.

Q. I'm curious if UVa does use outside resources like Facebook to help a decision, and how often you do.

A. Search for "Facebook" on this page (there's a search feature at the top of the page) and you'll find the answer to your question.