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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Putting things in perspective

Some of the questions coming into the comment sections of my posts lately have led me to believe that some of you think admission officers are picky people who are sticklers for deadlines and quick to punish applicants for insignificant matters.

Many of the questions ask if something "will be held against" the applicant. For example, a student asked if she'll be in trouble if her counselor sent an updated transcript at mid-year when I wrote that we only require the student to fill out a mid-year form online. Another student was worried about not taking the SATs in January despite having said he'd take them again on his application. This is such small things and we aren't nearly as petty as you think we are.

Once again, I find myself wondering if you think we sit in a cold, dark room, at a long table with angry scowls on our faces and big, red REJECT stamps in our hands, just waiting for the next minor flub to let the hammer fall on an eager applicant.

Do I have it right? Humor me. Tell me what you imagine when you picture the UVa admission officers.