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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Primary Sources for UVA Admission Advice

If you've written a research paper or thesis, you probably know the difference between a primary and secondary source. A primary source is the most direct source you can have. It's a first-hand account of an event or topic or an original written piece about that subject. Secondary sources are people writing/talking about that subject. They're at a distance. They weren't in the room where it happens, to borrow a line from Hamilton.

There are lots of primary sources for admission advice and social media makes it pretty easy to find them. Admission officers give interviews, write blogs, tweet, and post on Instagram. We reply to questions via email, DM, and some of us do q&a sessions on Instagram stories. Our Institutional Assessment office provides a huge variety of admission data that you can manipulate for your needs using Tableau. Getting admission information from a primary source, an admission officer, is easier than ever before at most schools. 

There are so many secondary sources for UVA admission advice, but I hope you'll remember that primary sources are the best sources. I see being accessible and clear with information as part of our mission to serve the common good.  If a secondary source isn't clear or is increasing your anxiety about this process, please reach out to us. Here's how you can get in touch with us:

Phone - There is an admission officer on call each workday to answer questions during business hours. Our front desk team also has the answers to all the typical questions (and atypical ones...they've heard it all!). Our number is 434-982-3200.

Email - There are a couple staff members who answer questions recieved via emails to When needed, they forward emails along to admission officers.

Blog Comments - You can ask questions right here on the blog. You can be anonymous - just make up a name.

Social Media - Feel free to message or DM us on Twitter or Instagram. There are two of us on those platforms. I'm @UVADeanJ on Twitter and IG. My colleague Rachel Schlachter is @UVAAdmission on Twitter and IG. Keep an eye out for those q&a sessions on Instagram, too!

Facebook isn't super popular for us, but we're still there. I'm doing a Facebook Live q&a Next month on the main UVA page and I hope you’ll be able to watch.

In Person - We hold information sessions and tours almost every weekday and on many weekends. You might also find us in your area holding an information session. You can see all the opportunities to meet us in person on the Visit page of our website.