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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Next Steps for Enrolling Students

Several times when a Days on the Lawn day was winding down, I had people tell me that they had just submitted an enrollment deposit. It's always rewarding to see the excited look on a student's face after they've made that final decision and officially come to the end of the college search.

Once the deposit is paid, you will naturally wonder "what's next?" So let's talk about that...

First of all, this is when your record in SIS moves from the admission part of the system to the student records side. You'll now move from working with the Office of Admission to working with the Office of Orientation and New Student Programs within the Office of the Dean of Students.

The Orientation folks have an entire website all about next steps and registering for Summer Orientation. In May, they'll also send you a welcome book with even more information (you can flip through last year's version online, but know that some things may change in the 2014 edition). 

Be sure to read those FAQs on the Orientation website. The Orientation staff has been doing this for a long time and they know what's on your mind.

If you just can't get enough of admission and want to work with us after you enroll, consider getting involved with some student organizations that reach out to prospective students.

Virginia Ambassadors - You have probably interacted with the Virginia Ambassadors several times without even knowing it. They chat with visitors in Peabody Hall, hold student-led information sessions, answer questions from prospective students online (through a blog, Facebook, chats, and email), visit their high schools during breaks, and were those wonderful students in orange shirts at Days on the Lawn.

University Guide Service -  The UGuides are the tour guides for the University. They don't just give admission tours, though. They also give historical tours to tourists.

Monroe Society - The Monroe Society acts as hosts for prospective students who want to stay on Grounds overnight.

Common Grounds - The students of Common Grounds meet with students informally over coffee or lunch to talk about the UVa experience.

UVa Clubs Student Ambassadors - This student group works with the UVaClubs to share the student experience with constituents in their home communities.

In addition, our Outreach office collaborates with many of the multicultural organizations on Grounds to connect prospective students with current students.