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Monday, April 14, 2014

Days on the Lawn Observations

We're in the midst of our 5th Days on the Lawn event (two more to go!) and I thought I'd share some of the topics that are coming up a lot as we chat with visitors.

First of all, while we have all sorts of events and sessions scheduled, you decide what you want to do. Some families have a "divide and conquer" strategy and try to get to as many different sessions as possible and others wander at a more leisurely pace. This is a day to "kick the tires" and if that includes having an hour-long coffee break at the Greenberry's in Alderman Library, that is just fine.

Registration is on the Lawn before the welcome talk, but all of the tables move to Peabody Hall around 9:30 AM. If you arrive a little late, just see us in Peabody and we'll get you all the information you need for the day.

The admission officers are wearing gold name badges. Ask us anything! The student volunteers are wearing orange t-shirts or gray sweatshirts. Ask them anything, too. Beyond that, I think you'll find that most UVa students are friendly and happy to help you if you aren't quite sure where you are going on Grounds.

The financial aid folks are meeting with people in Newcomb Hall, but they are usually very, very popular. Consider contacting their office before you visit if you need to talk about your aid package.

By the way, the Office of Admission can't give you more money. We've had a few people come in to tell us about what other schools have given them in hopes of us somehow adjusting their aid package. Our office can't change your financial aid.

Similarly, we can't give someone entrance into the Echols, Rodman, or College Science Scholars programs because other schools accepted a student into an honors college. Our review process takes months (as I'm sure you remember!) and it is specific to us. The results of another school's process doesn't change ours. Our programs have processes for bringing some students on board once they are already here. See their websites for information.

An unusually large number of students have asked to switch schools. While we were able to accommodate switches before decisions were released, at this point, we can't guarantee a switch. The Dean of Admission, Greg Roberts, is handling those requests.

This is a minor point, but if you want to take a picture with CavDog, try to come see us before the welcome talk starts. Each of the deans has responsibilities during DOTL events, so we can't always linger on the Lawn after the welcome talk. Later in the day, CavDog is usually in Peabody and is happy to meet guests.

Remember to check the DOTL parking information! The Office of Admission has rented out the entire garage at Emmet and Ivy Roads, so it is free to park there on DOTL days. If you have visited us before, you probably parked at the Central Grounds Garage (under the bookstore). We are not using that garage on DOTL days. That garage has regular paid parking for other visitors to Grounds.

Shuttle buses are ferrying DOTL guests from the Emmet and Ivy Garage to the Lawn for the welcome session. If you don't want to take the shuttle, it will take about 10 minutes to walk to the Lawn.

Feel free to post questions about DOTL in the comments!