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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Double Check Your Common App!

For the last week, we've been emailing people who didn't submit all parts of their Common App to give them a chance (or several last chances) to hit submit on what was missing. Would you believe that 23 people paid a fee and told Common App they were applying during the Early Action period, but never submitted the actual application?

So one last email went out yesterday. We are about to shut things down and move forward with processing all those fabulous transcripts and recommendations that are rolling in. I should have some preliminary numbers for you soon. Keep in mind that our official stats use completed application numbers, so you will see these numbers go down in time.

By the way, official statistics about everything at UVa come from the Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies. You can see all kinds of admission statistics on their website. Most schools have an office like this. The name often has a name like institutional research or assessment.

Now, because I've given you lots of screen shots lately, here's a picture of CavDog in one of the UVa gardens.

Happy day!