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Monday, September 09, 2013

On the Road in the Northeast

Greetings from Boston! I'm writing to you from my hotel in Bedford (a hotel I never knew existed in my 10 years of living here) as I get ready for a breakfast with local guidance and college counselors. I'm traveling with colleagues from UC Berkeley, Hopkins, and Emory and it's a bit of a reunion. This group has traveled together for several years.

Here's what the room looked like last night at our program here:

(photo taken by my colleague from Berkeley)

The schedule for the rest of the week:
Monday, September 9 - Portland, ME
Tuesday, September 10 - Providence, RI
Wednesday, September 11 - Stamford, CT
Thursday, September 12 - Fort Lee, NJ

If you're in the area and are on the mailing list for any of our schools, you got an invitation to the program. At this point, our sessions in Stamford, CT and Fort Lee, NJ are full, but there's still room for folks to join us in Portland, ME and Providence, RI. You can get RSVP information (and information about other evening programs around the world) on our UVa Visits You page.

You can follow along as we travel via my Instagram account.

CavDog is represented on the road by my luggage tag.